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criterion trailers at Mann Trailer Sales
Criterion Trailers: Unrivaled Quality in Every Haul

When it comes to trailers, one name stands out among the rest—Criterion Trailers. Renowned as the standard by which others are judged, Criterion takes pride in delivering uncompromising quality in every trailer they produce. Let's delve into what makes Criterion Trailers the top choice for hauling needs.

Unmatched Quality and Expertise


Our Trailers

Criterion Trailers, LLC, a division of Rhino Metals, brings a wealth of expertise to the trailer industry. The staff at Criterion consists of seasoned veterans and experts in trailer production. Led by managing partner Ray White, who boasts 18 years in the trailer industry, Criterion is committed to setting a standard that others aspire to achieve.


Our History

Established in December 2017, Criterion Trailers, LLC, was formed to address the growing demand for high-quality trailers in the western U.S. Nestled on an expansive 11-acre facility, the 53,000 square feet manufacturing plant, located just outside Caldwell, Idaho, is a testament to Criterion's commitment to excellence.


Our Staff

Criterion's team is a powerhouse of talent and experience. Ray White, with his extensive background as a plant manager for major trailer brands and GM for Haulmark, leads the team. The General Manager, Trent White, brings 22 years of trailer production experience, having founded TNT trailers and held key roles in major trailer manufacturing companies.


In-House Engineering Excellence

Criterion takes pride in its in-house engineering staff, equipped to design trailers using state-of-the-art 3D modeling software. This cutting-edge approach allows for computer-aided stress analysis, ensuring that every trailer meets the highest standards of durability and reliability.


Trailers That Define Excellence

Criterion Trailers offers a diverse range of trailers, each crafted with meticulous attention to detail. The following categories showcase the versatility and quality that define Criterion:


Cargo Trailers

Criterion's Cargo Trailers provide secure and efficient transportation for a variety of cargo, ensuring that your valuable items reach their destination safely.


Cargo Sport Utility Trailers

Designed for those seeking a trailer that goes beyond standard cargo, Criterion's Sport Utility Trailers are versatile and robust, ready to tackle various hauling needs.


Dump Trailers

Criterion's Dump Trailers combine durability with functionality, making them ideal for handling bulk materials with ease. Whether it's construction debris or landscaping materials, these trailers are up to the task.


Why Choose Criterion?

1. Proven Expertise: Criterion is backed by a team with extensive experience in the trailer industry, ensuring that every trailer meets and exceeds expectations.

2. Legacy of Excellence: As a division of Rhino Metals, Criterion inherits a legacy of excellence from one of the leading security safe manufacturers in the country.

3. Innovation in Design: Criterion employs cutting-edge 3D modeling software for trailer design, emphasizing precision and reliability.

4. Commitment to Quality: Every Criterion trailer undergoes meticulous design and engineering processes to guarantee unparalleled quality.


In conclusion, Criterion Trailers redefines the standards for trailer excellence. From Cargo Trailers to Dump Trailers, Criterion's commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction sets them apart in the world of trailer manufacturing. Choose Criterion for a hauling experience that reflects the pinnacle of quality and craftsmanship.

  • Radial Tires – ST205/75R15

  • Flooring – 3/4″ Water-Resistant OSB

  • Wheels – Black Modular Style

  • Walls – 3/8″ Water-Resistant OSB

  • Stabilizer Jack – Single Axle Trailers

  • Stone Guard – 16″ Aluminum Tread Plate

  • Side Airflow Vents – Black

  • Skin (.030) White Aluminum

  • Door Hold Backs

  • Screwed Exterior Siding

  • LED Trailer Lighting

  • Dome Light LED (1)

  • Telescoping Sand Pad

  • Please check with Mann Trailer Sales, your local dealer for current product specs

  • Our Sport Utility Trailers come standard in white  but you can upgrade to any of the colors below:

Screen Shot 2023-10-11 at 10.59.55 AM.png
  • Radial Tires

  • Combo Rear Gate (Swing Doors & Spreader Gate)

  • Wheels – Modular Style – Black

  • Center Floor Sheet Seam (Trailer Length)

  • Spare Tire Mount

  • H/D 10ga Wall & Floor

  • Enclosed Wiring

  • H/D Slide In Ramps

  • LED Lighting

  • H/D Weld-On D-Rings (6)

  • Roll Over Tarp Kit

  • Box Lighting Chains

  • 24″ Side Walls w/Stake Pockets

  • Large Group 27 Battery

  • Scissor Hoist

  • Battery Maintainer/Charger

  • Single Acting Pump w/Wireless Remote

  • Gate Door Hold Backs – Spring Latch

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